Medical Director

By working with the hospice team, the medical director ensures effective comprehensive palliative care by assisting in the development of the patient’s plan of care and certifying that the client remains appropriate for hospice care.  The hospice medical director serves as a liaison between the hospice agency and community physicians, medical staff within the area hospitals and hospice referral contacts.

Registered Nurses

The Registered Nurse is the case manager for the Inter-Disciplinary Team.  Hospice and palliative care includes 24-hour nursing availability, management of pain and other symptoms, and family support. By providing expert management of pain and other symptoms combined with compassionate listening and counseling skills, hospice and palliative nurses promote the highest quality of life for the patient and family members.

Licensed Medical Social Workers

Our Social Workers understand the hospice journey is an emotional one.  We offer a team of highly trained social workers equipped with the knowledge to address the psycho-social stressors that may arise.  Offering a range of services from life reviews, counseling and advocacy, individual therapy and assistance with financial needs,  our social work team is dedicated to connecting your loved one and family members with much needed community resources.


Not bound by the chains of cultural differences and not confined with the boundaries of religious beliefs, we offer a team of qualified chaplains who focus on the emotional and spiritual state of our patients and their family members during these times of high stress.  The Chaplain also stays in close contact with the Inter-Disciplinary Team to recognize problems in these areas and offer support, guidance, care and reflection for your loved one and family members seeking spiritual support.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Our CNA’s are the backbone of our organization due to the fact that they spend the most physical time with the patients outside of the family members.  They are our eyes and ears and monitor the patient’s wellbeing by observing the physical and mental state of each client, their food intake/output and assistance with ambulation and physical activity.  They further provide support by providing companionship, housekeeping and laundry services; shopping for food and other household requirements; preparing and serving meals and snacks; showering and bathing; running errands.

Trained Volunteers

The main role of a volunteer is to provide patient and family support. Volunteers also provide crucial assistance with administrative support, community outreach, fundraising and special projects.

Grief Support Counselors

Dynamic Hospice offers individual, family and group bereavement counseling with clinical, licensed medical social workers and ordained Chaplains.  We can also make available support groups and educational programs for anyone in the community who has experienced a loss.  Dynamic Hospice hosts an annual memorial service to honor those who have transitioned on our service.

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