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Have you, a family member or friend. . .

Been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness?

Stopped seeking aggressive treatment for a life-limiting illness?

Been told by a physician that there are no] other treatment options for a serious ailment?

Had a recent history of going to the emergency room, hospital or doctor’s office on a frequent basis?

Become dependent on Oxygen tanks to breathe?

Become out of breath with minimal movement?

Fallen or had dizziness due to weakness recently?

Been unable to do the following unassisted?

  • Eat
  • Walk
  • Bathe
  • Dress


Lost more than 10% of body weight in the last three months?

Had difficulty controlling pain management?




Answering YES to three or more these questions could mean that you or your loved one may need hospice services. Please contact your primary physician for a more detailed follow up or contact us if you do not have your own physician. Hospice care is initiated by referral from a physician for patients who have an end stage disease or terminal illness.

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with any inquiries or to schedule an educational home visit with our Nursing Staff or Doctor FREE of charge.

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